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4 Occupied Home Staging Tips for an Older Kitchen

You might be concerned about the challenges you will face selling your home while you are living in it — which is completely understandable. You’re busy with work, life, family…and now you have a house to sell, too.

However, there’s good news! Occupied home staging professionals can make your home stand out by making it ready for potential buyers while you continue to go about your daily activities.

With some effort and creativity, home staging experts will make your home much more enticing. And what better room to focus on than the kitchen — especially if it’s older and could use some creative TLC?

You can make your kitchen look more enticing without spending a fortune on remodeling it. With a properly staged kitchen, you invest very little, but you will get the best return on investment.

1. Get Your Kitchen Looking Its Best

First, clean the entire kitchen thoroughly. Older kitchens tend to trap dust and grime over the years, but you want it to be spotless.

Polish all fixtures, dust ceiling fans, scrub the floors, replace any light bulbs, wipe down the cabinets, and place all canned goods and spices in proper order in the cupboards.

Likewise, don’t leave counters cluttered. The countertops should only have one decorative item per section. For example: a new coffee maker, decorative canister with a few wooden spoons, a bowl of fresh fruit, preferably all one color — and no older bananas!

2. Double Check the Details

Be sure to clean and polish the hardware on the cabinets, especially if they haven’t been updated in recent years. If hardware is worn, you should replace the handles or knobs with a more updated finish such as brushed nickel or black. Note: When shopping around, look for hardware that matches appliances in the kitchen.

Replace dirty drip pans underneath the stove burners and be sure to get any dirty dishes out of the sink and dishwasher.

3. Create a “Friendly” Kitchen

Make sure your kitchen isn’t cold and severe in appearance. Help potential buyers imagine it as a happy space to drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

Be sure to highlight an eat-in kitchen by showcasing the kitchen table with some appropriate decor such as an easy-to-manage plant to liven the space and help enhance the natural, calm ambiance of the room.

4. Embrace the Light

Be sure that the kitchen has plenty of natural lighting. Don’t block the windows; instead, make sure the room is bright.

Occupied home staging can make your kitchen stand out — especially if your kitchen is old or outdated. When the kitchen is attractive and welcoming, it will help improve the interest of potential homebuyers.

Remember, occupied home staging for your kitchen is an investment and will help you profit.

To get your older kitchen ready for buyers, call Show House Home Staging today!

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