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5 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Professional Home Staging

The benefits of professional home staging are gaining attention thanks to popular reality television shows highlighting how it’s used to quickly sell a home by enhancing its appeal to prospective buyers. Sadly, many homeowners who need to sell their home assume professional home staging isn’t for them. Why? Chances are, they have fallen prey to one of the five biggest myths about this transformative service. But none are true!

Myth #1: It’s a Huge Investment

The first misconception sellers have is that they will need to spend a fortune to stage their home. This isn’t accurate! Home staging professionals are well accustomed to working with their client’s budget. You will likely pay a set fee for the consultation, but you can choose to follow the staging professional’s recommendations on your own, or opt for a full-service approach. You aren’t automatically locked into a high price!

Myth #2: You Must Buy All New Furnishings

This is another thought that often deters sellers. They don’t want to buy all new furniture for a home they’re about to leave.

It’s okay. You don’t have to! Home staging professionals are trained to work with their client’s current belongings. With vision and creativity, it’s possible to utilize furnishings and decor to improve the look, feel and flow from a prospective buyer’s perspective.

Myth #3: Professional Home Staging Is Only for Vacant Homes

Home staging certainly helps shoppers picture how to use the space in a vacant home, but it’s not only for builders and house flippers. Home staging works for you too, and your well-loved, lived-in home. You may think it’s difficult to picture living in a vacant home. Many buyers have a hard time picturing living in a home that speaks overwhelmingly of an individual’s specific style. Creating a neutral space is essential and helps the future homeowner make an emotional connection to the home.

Myth #4: My Home Doesn’t Need to Be Staged

It is perfectly normal for you to believe your home is ideal just the way it is. Many people think buyers should be able to look past all of the personal items. Home staging isn’t necessary!

If you honestly believe this about your home, talk to your realtor. Ask for an objective, third-party opinion from both your agent and a staging professional they suggest. Your home might not need drastic intervention, but even the most impeccable interior design benefits from an outside perspective.

Myth #5: You Should List Your Home First, Then Stage if It Won’t Sell

Many homeowners assume staging is a last-ditch effort. They think - “I’ll list my home as-is, see what the interest level is like, then consider staging later if it doesn’t move quickly.”

There are two issues with this. First, your home may garner interest and sell quickly, but maybe you won’t get as much for it as you could have. You will never know if professional home staging could have started a bidding war, driving the price up higher.

It’s not just a saying - you truly only have one chance at a first impression. When prospective buyers come back around after you’ve staged the home, they will only be comparing the new look to the old, and they will still picture the first version in their heads. At this stage, the transformation won’t provide the same wow factor.

Want to schedule a consultation with our team? Call Show House Home Staging at (781) 718-4327 to take the next step in getting your home ready for the market.

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