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Why Successful Realtors Partner with Home Stagers

When it comes to real estate, the facts are simple: Staged homes sell faster than non-staged houses. That naturally means a happier outcome for realtors and clients who work with home stagers!

There are lots of advantages to enlisting the help of a professional stager; more and more realtors are doing so. Here are three reasons why:

Research Shows Effectiveness of Staging

According to a study by the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sold 86 percent faster than those that were left empty or cluttered.

One reason for this: Staging helps buyers visualize the property as a future home, according to the “2019 Profile of Home Staging” from the National Association of REALTORS Research Group.

Small wonder that staging has become the go-to strategy for savvy sellers and their agents! People now recognize that staging plays an integral role in the selling process.

Staging Is About Marketing

Staging is less about interior design than it is about marketing — that means emphasizing the highlights of a property through strategic placement of furnishings, adding flattering neutral tones, etc. Stagers have the expertise and ready access to furnishings and relationships with vendors that realtors typically simply don’t have time to cultivate.

Staging also results in more leads or prospects. Agents surveyed for the 2019 NAR report (above) said that buyers were more interested in viewing staged homes than non-staged ones after seeing photos online.

Print media can also be more easily leveraged if your listings are staged. Local lifestyle magazines or newspapers are often eager to feature outstanding properties, provided that they are furnished and look graciously lived in.

Stagers Aid in Client Relations

As a real estate agent, you know that navigating relationships with your clients is a big part of marketing residential real estate, and that’s where a professional stager can help with those tough conversations. For example, a stager’s report will reinforce the necessity of painting over that cherished mural in the children’s room or replacing a client’s favorite colors with neutral tones. Having an unbiased third party give an objective assessment can be an invaluable aid to an agent’s client relations.

As you know, convincing a client to invest in staging can sometimes be a hard sell. Here’s where agents and their staging partner need to point out the advantages of working with a home stager to avoid a potential $10,000-plus price reduction in the event that the home doesn’t sell fast enough.

Just as any home sale can benefit from staging, any agent can’t go wrong by partnering with a professional stager.

Let us help your real estate business grow. Contact Nancy Safran, owner-operator of Show House Home Staging, today!

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