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Lighting Up Your Home to Keep the “Winter Blues” Away

Good lighting plays a truly critical role at this time of year because the amount of sunlight each day is shrinking. Spooky shadows may have been great for Halloween, but home buyers are looking for a house that brightens their days all year long. Working with a professional home stager will help you find the perfect balance of bright and cozy.

Less exposure to sunlight can make many people feel rushed, tired and cold – summoning the “winter blues.” Light has the natural ability to create mood and establish ambience, both of which can counter that emotional and psychological low. Boost your own spirits by focusing on your home’s lighting inside and out and you will improve the experience for visitors during showings.

Make the First Impression Memorable

You never know when someone will independently drive by your house or when the next request for a last-minute home showing will be. Whatever the time of day, with proper lighting, buyers’ eyes can be drawn to the warm glow emanating from your entryway. The first impression will be happy, welcoming and memorable.

During the evening, a well-lit exterior may mean simply ensuring that all your outside lights are turned on, especially spotlights for the backyard or deck area if you have them. Many home sellers find it useful to introduce motion sensors that are triggered when a buyer approaches a certain point on their property, such as the walkway or even the doorstep.

Landscape lighting is another popular outdoor addition. These lamps exist at many price points and can be powered with electricity, batteries or solar power. They come in hundreds of designs, so you can find a style that is consistent with your home.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere Inside

Good lighting inside your home creates a cheery mood and warm ambience, encouraging buyers to leave their “winter blues” at the door.

During the day, this means maximizing the natural light available by widening your curtains and pulling up the blinds. These steps will allow as much daylight as possible to flow into your space. (Side note: They also happen to make your windows look bigger.)

Since there is a high likelihood of showing your home when daylight is waning, consider warming up your interior spaces with tastefully-placed, fragrance-free candles, along with task and floor lighting and lamps. Consulting with a professional home stager is recommended especially at this stage because they can help you maintain an atmosphere that is neutral, sophisticated and effortless.

When it comes to lighting, it is also useful to consider the lightbulbs that are being used. There is a dramatically different feel to the light of daylight bulbs versus soft white bulbs versus LEDs.

Now is also the time to use a fireplace to your advantage if you have one. If you have a gas or electric unit, start it up before a showing. If your fireplace burns wood, then set it up as if a fire is going to be lit to demonstrate what the house can do. There is nothing cozier during the late fall and winter than a fire.

Evaluate Your Lighting Situation

November is the perfect time to evaluate your current lighting situation – inside and outside your home – and decide if any adjustments are needed before we head into the true New England winter weather.

Now may be the time to invest in lighting technology upgrades or to simply introduce a new type of lightbulb into your home. Either way, good lighting is crucial for showcasing all your home has to offer, especially during the coldest months of the year.

Reach out to owner-operator Nancy Safran at Show House Home Staging for lighting guidance so your home shines bright and cozy this season!

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