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Is Professional Home Staging Worth the Investment?

home staging

Professional home staging is worth every dime. Think about it - what if you found a financial guru who was able to deliver two to five times ROI on your investment within a month or two. Would you be excited? This is what professional home staging service is capable of delivering, especially when you trust a qualified expert with a track record of success.

At Show House Home Staging, we make professional home staging worth the money by delivering clear results with practiced strategies.

Sell for More

Ultimately, the litmus test for success in the professional home staging sphere is the selling price of the home. Most homeowners list their home merely hoping for fair market value. What if you could get more?

You can, if you stage your home. The National Association of Realtors reports that 49 percent of buyers’ agents say home staging increases the dollar amount offered by prospective buyers. 71 percent of seller’s agents report home staging increases home value. And in some markets, staged homes can sell for up to 20 percent more than non-staged homes. Do the math! How much more net profit could you take home if you staged your home before listing?

Sell Faster

The second way home staging delivers high ROI is by helping you sell your home faster. Every day your home sits on the market is another day you have to pay taxes, insurance and utilities. The faster you offload the property, the more you will save, and the more financial flexibility you will have to pursue your next dream home!

What are your monthly carrying costs? Selling your home faster can put months of expenses back into your pocket.

Gain an Edge from the Outset

Part of the reason home staging is so effective at producing high-value fast sales is because of the value of a first impression. The National Association of Realtors reports that 92 percent of buyers start their home search online. The pictures posted will influence the first impressions, which often dictate subsequent interest and offers. Professionally-staged pictures always help drive foot traffic!

Stand Out in the Neighborhood

Professional home staging is especially effective when there is lackluster competition. Regardless of the volume of homes for sale nearby, you can help yours rise to the top with exceptional staging quality.

Make Move-In Ready a Reality

If you aren’t marketing your home as a “fixer-upper,” then you’d better be making it look as move-in ready as possible. No matter what minor changes a prospective buyer may prefer to match their tastes, if they aren’t up for a huge construction project, they don’t want to see problems. They want to see a move-in ready property just waiting for their family. Staging helps accentuate the good while drawing attention away from the bad and keeping buyers focused on the selling points rather than the detractors.

Attract Competing Offers

With the main two objectives in sight (selling your home for more than list price, and selling it fast), professional home staging helps attract competing offers for your property. When you can pick and choose from multiple strong offers, you have the advantage. At Show House Home Staging, we help you highlight the best features of your home and speed along the sales process. Schedule your consultation today!

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