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Staging an Occupied Home: Strategies for Success

occupied home staging

It is 100 percent possible to successfully stage, market and sell an occupied home - you just need a plan.

The vast majority of homes available for sale have people living in them. One of the common misconceptions about home staging is that it’s only beneficial for a recently renovated, completely vacant space. That notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, if you have three kids and a dog living in your listed home, there is all the more reason to depend on the expertise of a professional home stager.

Below are a few of the strategies Show House Home Staging uses to help every property show at its best, even if it’s a well-loved and lived-in family home.

Get a Head Start - Pack! (Especially the Personal Items)

The first recommendation is to get started on your packing. One of the main features a prospective buyer is looking for is storage and space, and clutter isn’t going to convey this message well.

Try to remove at least 50 percent of the items in your closets and cabinets. Your home can still look lived in, but boxing up the extra items in advance will drastically change an outsider’s perception of just how much space is available in the home.

Another common misconception about home staging is that you should purchase all new decor and completely redo your interior design. Not necessary! The buyer isn’t purchasing your personal effects - they are buying the home.

Any item that doesn’t help showcase the best features of the property or provide the buyer with a vision of living in the home themselves should be altered. Adding in a few well curated accessories can have a big impact. We know what small changes result in the biggest return on investment.

Only Make Cost-Effective Cosmetic Updates

During our consultation, we’re going to take a close look at the cosmetics. Could your kitchen cabinets use repainting? What about your front door? Given our experience in the current real estate market, we will likely recommend updates, but no improvements that will require a substantial investment that you won’t recoup.

For example, some of the cost-effective updates we recommend to our clients include a new coat of paint in the downstairs powder room or replacing a cracked or outdated lighting fixture.

Every suggestion we provide in our written report is designed to add to the design, function and overall total value of your home. If your home would benefit from more in-depth repair or renovation work, we have a list of trusted professionals we can recommend to handle these tasks.

Cleanliness Goes a Long Way

A deep cleaning can provide a powerful revitalization. When the hardwoods are buffed and the windows are smudge-free, you’re giving your home the best chance in the buyer’s eyes. If it seems stressful to have to maintain a level of clean beyond your usual standards amidst your busy schedule, try these two tips:

  1. Restrict the family to using one bathroom for showering and getting ready - the other bathroom will stay in show-ready condition!

  2. Invest in baskets to stow personal care items out of sight. If you don’t have room under the sink you can quickly stash items in the baskets prior to showings and take the baskets with you.

The First Impression Matters

The moment the prospective buyer walks in the door, they’re going to be looking intently at the details. If there is one room in the home to focus a significant amount of attention on, it’s the foyer or entryway.

Box up all the shoes. Spruce up the baseboard paint and the wall color. Purchase a new large scale entry rug to define the space. This gives you the added benefit of minimizing outside dirt that buyers could track in with them.

Pay attention to the outside too - touch up the paint on the porch railing and spread mulch in the flower beds. The initial impression is always the most powerful!

With Show House, It’s Simple

From making a small furniture placement adjustment to bringing in new large scale furniture, Show House Home Staging is the team you want on your side when you’re staging an occupied home.

We’re committed to using our skilled design techniques to define and add function to your living spaces, allowing your property to show at its best. Schedule your consultation with our team today!

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