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5 Best Home Value Adds When Preparing to Sell

You can’t control the ebbs and flows of the real estate market, but you can absolutely help your home achieve its maximum potential when it comes time to sell, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so!

Some people think, “list first, pack second,” but it’s always a good idea to set time aside before your listing goes public to focus on reducing clutter, correcting minor issues and accentuating the best characteristics of your property. It will pay off in a higher home value and a faster sale.

Here are five ways to quickly gain favor with buyers and add value to your property:

1. Make the First Impression a Priority

First impressions are the most powerful. It starts from the moment a prospective buyer drives by the home. If they take a look at night, do you have enough outdoor lighting to create a warm, welcoming feel? If they drive by during the day, are your flower beds freshly mulched and edged to perfection? Trimming bushes and planting colorful annuals near the front door and walkway are a quick way to upgrade the landscaping and entice interested parties to book a showing.

Clean up debris. Touch up the paint on the front porch railing. Power wash the steps. Do what you need to do to make your home’s front exterior look fresh and new.

2. Update Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

Sometimes it’s the little details that give the buyers an impression of an outdated home that needs work, or a welcoming space that’s modern enough for their tastes. What details would those be? Why, the kitchen and bathroom hardware of course.

It’s relatively inexpensive to remove and replace cabinet handles and bathroom faucets, and a new, modern brushed nickel or bronze is going to help communicate and upgraded feel without a full-scale renovation.

3. A Deep Clean Helps Beauty Shine Through

It’s amazing what a little elbow grease can do! Clean both sides of every window. Scrub the floors and pay close attention to the surfaces that should be shiny in the kitchens and bathrooms. A deep clean is one of the easiest ways to bring out the best in any property.

4. Reduce Used Storage Space

Open up every closet in your home. Recycle, store or dispose of one third to one half of the items currently inside of each. The closet floors and shelves should all be bare or items should be stored neatly in baskets. Never store overflow kitchen cookware or food in a closet. If you have a considerable amount of items to move out of your closets and cabinets, begin packing and placing boxes either in a storage unit, shed or your garage - but not in your closets! Overly packed closets make buyers wonder if the home has enough space.

5. Invest in a Professional Home Staging Evaluation

Schedule a home staging consultation with us and we will provide a wide range of tips. One of the topics we touch on is paint color. Where could you freshen and brighten your space, creating a consistent, up-to-date design?

We will also help you select the best furniture to place around your home, positioning it for easy traffic flow and to provide a maximum view of available space.

These are just two of the ways a home staging consultation can help you show off the value in your property and give buyers the opportunity to picture themselves living in the space. Book time with us today.

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