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When There's a Sudden Showing: 5 Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes

If you’re selling your home, an unexpected showing can be stressful. But when your realtor calls and says they’re on the way to your house with a client, don’t panic.

With a little strategizing, you can be show-ready in five minutes — especially if you’re prepared ahead of time for sudden visits with appropriate storage space and organization.

For last-minute tidying, here are five spots to hit in five minutes:

Minute 1: The Kitchen

The kitchen should be as clean as possible for potential showings, but that’s not always easy when you’re still living in the space.

A great way to prep for sudden visits from potential buyers is to purchase appropriately sized baskets in advance and tuck them away into designated storage areas, like the space under your kitchen sink or pantry.

Keep them there at all times during the selling process, so that you can grab them in a hurry. and fill with personal items that inevitably collect on counters and the kitchen table throughout the week.

Wipe down all flat surfaces and appliance fronts with special attention to shiny surfaces.

Do a one-minute sweep of the kitchen, place items in the basket, then place the basket back in storage.

Minute 2: Family Room

This room needs to leave the impression that any buyer could easily use the space. Use pre-selected baskets to quickly stash toys, personal items, and anything that doesn’t showcase the room as spacious and easy to live in. Fluff pillows and you’re done.

Minute 3: Bathrooms

When potential buyers look at bathrooms, they expect them to be clean, shining and smelling fresh.

So, try to keep bathrooms as orderly as possible at all times, so that when the last-minute visitors arrive, you’ll only have a quick to-do list.

Keep pre-moistened wipes under the counter to wipe all surfaces, close the toilet seat, empty the garbage can and remove personal care items other than a decorative soap and fresh towel.

Minute 4: Bedrooms and Living Room

Make sure beds are made; pull sheets and comforters tightly against the bedframe for a tidy, sleek look.

Use the kitchen basket trick for bedrooms and the living room — store baskets in closets so that you can pull them out to stash toys, laundry and anything else that seems out of place.

Minute 5: The Front Yard

Put garbage cans in the garage or out of sight. Quickly sweep the front entryway to remove leaves or debris, and turn on the light by the front door.

Finally, pile your family and pets into the car and drive away, knowing that your home is tidy and ready for the showing.

Need more home staging ideas? At Showhouse Home Staging, we’ve got all the inspiration you need. Contact us today!

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