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6 Styling Tips to Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

At the change of each season, do you consider styling tips — for your home?

Think about it. Whether people love winter or hate it, most can agree on one thing: There’s nothing like an atmospheric, inviting home to shake off the blues and cold, and the best way to achieve coziness is through styling.

You may be familiar with the Danish and Norwegian tradition hygge, which began trending in the United States a couple years ago and isn’t going anywhere soon.

Hygge is the created mood of coziness. It’s the result of an intentional type of staging, based around comfort, which gives you a certain sensation — like you’d feel if you’re wrapped in a blanket, drinking a steaming cup of coffee while looking at snow falling out the window as the fireplace roars.

Or it can be a group of friends gathering in someone’s home for intimate conversation, good wine and laughter.

Hygge wouldn’t be possible without the right setting, which is where styling and intentional living come in.

Here are some ways to drive out the cold and make your home a relaxing refuge this winter:

1. Create a Clean, Peaceful Atmosphere

Cozy is difficult to achieve if the house is messy and there are noises like music, shouting, television and lots of activity.

Of course, sometimes it’s impossible to have a clean, quiet house, so a perfect solution is focusing on cozying up just one communal room like the living room or even the kitchen.

2. Incorporate Muted Earth Tones

Earth tones create calm, comforting effects. So if possible, consider bringing in beiges, forest green, deep browns and even maroons for curtains, blankets, decorations, picture frames, artwork, etc.

3. It’s All About the Lighting

What says “cozy” on a frigid winter’s night like dim, warm-toned lighting? Ditch the overhead lights and avoid anything fluorescent or too white and vibrant. Instead, opt for floor and table lamps, which put off natural glows that make you immediately want to reach for a blanket, cup of tea and book.

4. Add Throw Blankets, Pillows and Floor Pillows

Make guests — and yourself — feel warm inside and outside with soft throw blankets. Drape them across the arm of the sofa or backs of chairs for a lived in, laidback, convivial feel.

Meanwhile, place large, muted pillows on couches and chairs. Floor pillows add an additional touch — guests can lounge on them around the fire with a warm beverage or while playing a card game.

5. Light Candles

Lightly-scented or scentless candles are as ethereal as they are calming. If you’re expecting company or just want to create a special ambiance for yourself, light five or six candles in your room of choice for their nostalgic flickering glow.

6. Incorporate Warm Metals

Décor made of copper, bronze, brass or rose gold are perfect wintertime decorations. They blend well with earth tones and are strong, minimalist statement pieces like chandeliers, candle holders, door handles and more.

For more styling tips and design inspiration, contact Showhouse Home Staging today!

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