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Why You Should Work with an Owner-Operated Home Staging Business

Selling your home? Opting for an owner-operated home staging business — as opposed to larger commercial staging companies — will make a huge difference in your selling experience.

Whether you’re a homeowner or realtor, you understand that making your home or your client’s home appealing to buyers is vital. Frankly, though, that skill doesn’t exactly determine quality; any home stager will help you highlight the house’s assets and provide a few helpful tips.

However, working with an owner-operated home staging business will not only transform your home to impress buyers, but it makes the process stress-free for you and customized to fit your needs.

Here are some benefits of working with top experts who run small businesses:

One-on-One Service from the Primary Specialist

Expert accessibility is one of the best perks, without a doubt. When you work with an owner-operated business, you cut the red tape and middle men by working directly with the company owner themselves.

What sets owner-operated businesses apart from larger staging companies is that when clients book consultations, they are consulting and working directly with the owner. This way, the person you speak with on the phone is the same person who will appear at your door.

You get expert advice, service, suggestions and creative ideas from the top man or woman. They’ll come to your home to take photos of the interior and examine floor plans before jumping into the creative task of deciding what items should be showcased, put into storage, rearranged, etc.

Flexibility and Client Pre-Screening Sessions

The best owner-operated businesses are extremely flexible when it comes to customer needs — after all, it’s the owner calling all the shots to make your experience as smooth as possible.

For example, they can provide full or partial service approaches to home preparation, depending on what the client needs and requests.

They’ll do things like pre-screen clients to get an idea of what’s needed. Does the stager need to spend extra time on your job if you require it? This way they’ll find out. Does the client have financial concerns? Or is their home high-end? Do they have Pets? Young children? With years of experience, the home stager can work with any client and price point or special circumstance.

They’ll Share Their Network Contacts

Your home stager will definitely have a network of local, trusted professionals in the industry. Need a last-minute painter? Or is there a plumbing emergency hours before a showing? Your owner-operated stager will be by your side to share contacts.

Plus, your stager will laisse with your realtor to ensure the ultimate goal – getting your home to sell as quickly as possible.

At Show House Home Staging, we’re everything you need in an owner-operated home staging business. Contact owner Nancy Safran to get started on your staging today!

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