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4 Home Staging Tips to Make Your House Spring-Ready

If you’re putting your home on the housing market this spring, staging the space with the season in mind will instantly make it spring-ready — and show-ready.

Spring is one of the most popular times to prepare your house for the market. A few simple adjustments from winter to spring décor will transform the house, and make you stand out from the housing market crowd.

1. Declutter with Spring Cleaning

Before you begin home staging for spring, thoroughly clean the house from top to bottom. This project is two-fold, involving both scrubbing and decluttering.

Be sure to scrub the floors, windows and furniture to give your house a springtime glow. Just as important, start decluttering your home. Have you double-checked storage spaces? How do bedroom closets, under beds and inside the pantry and laundry room look?

2. Remember That Less Is More

When you’re preparing your home for the spring market, the home staging general rule of thumb is “less is more.” This is where picking and choosing what really needs to be highlighted comes in.

Find a balance that showcases the home’s beauty and assets without emphasizing too much of your personality and taste. After all, you’re trying to help potential buyers imagine their new home when they walk through the house.

For example, you might love to hang large, bright, pastel wreaths on doors and walls each spring. However, an expert home stager would recommend removing items like these, because they’re often distracting for the buyer, and too taste-specific.

3. Switch Décor to Neutrals and Lighter Tones

Swapping dark, cozy shades of winter for neutrals with stripes, geometric patterns and whites will make your home feel instantly brighter and bigger. The lighter tones are easy to look at and enhance natural lighting.

For example, dark brown or navy throw pillows and blankets make a living room feel dull during spring. Heavy, heat-trapping curtains can feel stuffy and hot. It’s usually best to pack up and store such décor until fall.

But a softer palette complemented by throw pillows and décor contribute to a happy springtime atmosphere. Hang sheer or soft white curtains to catch the sunlight and make the space seem larger. Likewise, liven the kitchen and bathrooms with white hand towels or washcloths.

4. Incorporate Fresh Flowers and Fruit

Bring the beauty of spring indoors with easily-managed plants like small ferns, African violets or even a live topiary.

Likewise, for even less maintenance, a bowl of lemons or green apples works perfectly for scent and visual appearances. The subtle, tasteful touch will help the home to feel fresh and livable.

Selling a home during the spring is exciting! If you need more home staging tips to make your house spring-ready, contact the experts at Showhouse Home Staging today.

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