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How Would a Professional Stage a Bathroom in an Occupied Home?

Professional home stagers understand that keeping an occupied home prepared to sell can be challenging. This is true especially when it comes to bathrooms, which tend to feel the most lived-in.

Buyers often — understandably — feel awkward during the bathroom segment of a showing. They often keep it short with a quick glance at the walls or sink. Maybe they feel uncomfortable being in a space that’s tied to your family’s personal routine or simply for obvious reasons — it’s a bathroom.

However, buyers love the idea of a clean, fresh space. So how can you, as the seller, help them feel comfortable enough to envision themselves going happily about their routine in this space?

A home stager can work wonders in an occupied home, but first, there are three essentials for the homeowner:

  • Deep clean. This is so important; nobody wants to walk into a bathroom with mold by the shower-head or toothpaste stains in the sink. Scrub the space from top to bottom until it shines.

  • Declutter. Your stager understands you need to live in this space, but ensure there’s no dirty laundry or unnecessary items strewn about.

  • Undergo minor repairs. Financially, there’s a fine balance here for the homeowner. You don’t want to invest in costly renovations that aren’t practical or profitable for you. However, obvious issues like faucet leaks and constantly-running toilets should be addressed.

Now, the stager can enter with a strategy to impress potential buyers without overcapitalizing. Always remember a stager’s mindset: Less is better. Think “simplicity.”

Create a Blank Canvas

Your home stager will immediately get to work making the space fresh. This will require you to go one step beyond decluttering by removing your toiletries, bathroom supplies and daily go-to items.

None of these items should be visible:

  • Soap (unless displayed nicely on a clean soap dish or decorative container)

  • Extra toilet paper rolls

  • All cleaning supplies including plungers, sponges, etc.

  • Personal items

Use Primarily Neutral Tones

Even though you’re still living in the space, remember you’re trying to appeal to as wide a range of buyers as possible. For example, you might love your Finding Nemo-themed shower curtain, but when selling a home, highly taste-specific items can be distracting to the buyer.

That’s why home stagers always prefer to keep a neutral palette. Accessories and décor should highlight the clean fresh space, but not distract.

Bonus tip: A pro stager will likely encourage you to buy soft, brand new towels used strictly for showings. They add an extra touch of class and luxury!

Maximize Storage

Buyers love storage space. They’re likely going to glance in a cabinet to get a sense of space.

One trick to maximizing storage is to fill cabinets half to two-thirds of the way with leftover personal items instead of all the way. Of course, ensure any leftover personal items are organized and tucked away in wicker baskets or tasteful storage containers.

Need a professional to stage your occupied bathroom or entire home? Contact the experts at Show House Home Staging today!

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