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3 Reasons Real Estate Professionals Need Home Staging

real estate home staging

Let’s face it, a realtor’s job is hard work. Not only are you responsible for selling houses, you also have to stay abreast of market price activity, develop negotiations, schedule inspections, build rapport with buyers and their realtors, and the list goes on.

Ultimately, your goal as a realtor is to get the house sold and off the market, so it’s critical to make sure the property stands out to buyers. As a home staging professional, it’s our job to make that happen. Below are three excellent reasons you as a realtor should partner with a home staging professional before your next listing hits the market:

1. It Helps You Stand Out from Competitive Listings

Have you ever walked into a clothing store and immediately wanted to buy the outfit on display? The price wasn’t the deciding factor. The model’s attractiveness was, along with your emotional response to seeing it perfectly put together.

Home selling operates in a similar manner. Stating facts and logic aren’t enough. There has to be an emotional appeal to a prospective buyer. Home staging enhances the property’s features and aids the buyer in visualizing the property as their own.

Offer professional home staging and your listings’ aesthetics are instantly elevated, increasing your odds of standing out from the competition on the market.

2. It Alleviates Difficult Discussions with Homeowners

When selling a home, it’s essential for the property to be buyer-friendly, and that means neutralizing seller-specific design. Neutrality requires the current homeowners to allow re-design, furniture replacement, and editing of personal items. It may be uncomfortable for the current homeowners to receive critiques about their style and watch drastic changes happen to many items of emotional attachment within their home.

As a realtor, wouldn’t it be much less stressful for you if you could forego these sometimes difficult conversations with your clients?

When you bring in a professional home stager, they’re the referred expert who can also be “the bad guy.” We take care of explaining why certain furniture pieces and decor items aren’t conducive to a quick sale - you don’t have to. We have many thoughtful strategies we use to convey this information, gained from years of experience. It makes the process easier for both you and the homeowner.

3. It Saves Time and Increases Productivity

Realtors are experts, and so are home stagers. Their job makes your job as a realtor easier and a partnership can also pay off in profit. According to the National Association of Realtors, there is a potential $400 return for every $100 investment in staging.

Partnering with a home staging professional adds credibility to your realty business and value to your property listings. This collaboration attracts more buyers and achieves the desired result: a swift and well-priced sale.

Save time and focus on your obligations as a realtor--we’ll handle the aesthetics. Nancy Safran of Show-House Home staging takes pride in highlighting the best-selling features for the ultimate experience of potential buyers. From staging to styling, Nancy’s expertise will prepare any home for the market. Contact Show-House today to schedule a consultation.


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