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Pull Off the Perfect Open House: Benefits of Professional Home Staging

Your home has officially hit the market. Now it’s time to reel in prospective buyers.

Your real estate agent may use many different methods to spread the word, and an open house is probably one of their top recommendations. An open house is an excellent way for prospective buyers to view your home in its best condition. Here’s how professional home staging can you pull off the perfect open house, generating the buzz needed to prompt multiple offers and drive up the sale price:

Professional Home Staging Helps You See Your Home Through a Buyer’s Eyes

It’s easy to arrange your living space in a way that is comfortable for you, but prospective buyers may not feel the same way when they enter your home environment. The key is to have an outside perspective from a professional eye. An experienced home stager understands how to make an excellent first impression, especially in areas of the house that the owner may overlook. They will actively work at enhancing the selling features of your home, styling it to appeal to buyers.

They Prepare the Home Both Inside and Out

When considering first impressions, the exterior parts of your home are on your staging professional’s list. Landscape, fresh paint, garage space, and front porch decor are a few attention-grabbers visitors will notice upon arrival. Interior necessities such as cleanliness and furniture condition are also essential to note. Your home stager will take inventory of any needed repairs and touch-ups, as well as provide vendor recommendations for furnishing and accessories to highlight key features of the home.

They Share Strategies to Remove Clutter

It’s a challenge for buyers to visualize your home as their own if there are too many objects or personal items congesting the living areas. It can be difficult to strike a balance between tasteful and too much, but your staging professional can help you assess what’s needed and what’s not. Strategic home staging can style areas to maximize enjoyment of every space and help you adapt clutter-free habits, so you maintain this standard throughout the home selling process.

They Can Save You Money by Working with What You Own

If inventory from vendors is outside of your budget, a professional home stager is knowledgeable in design techniques to highlight and enhance selling features of what you already own. Your home stager can help identify and utilize accessories throughout the home that create a welcoming atmosphere, such as books, rugs, plants, candles, and blankets. The job of the home stager is to demonstrate how small changes can have a significant impact on how a buyer can use and enjoy your home.

They Use the Power of Lighting

Great lighting within the home helps create a charming ambiance. Proper lighting will illuminate areas of the house to attract prospective buyers. Whether it’s quality light bulbs, candles, natural window light, or a warming fireplace, home stagers will choose the best lighting strategies to set the desired mood of each room.

Whether it’s owner-occupied or vacant staging, Show House Home Staging provides professional evaluation and styling services to maximize buyer appeal. For nearly a decade, Nancy Safran has worked with homeowners, helping display homes to their full potential. Awarded by two years in a row for outstanding client service, Show House Home Staging will do the same for you. Schedule your consultation today!


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