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3 Reasons to Schedule a Home Staging Consultation Before You List

You have motivation to sell. Whether the kids are grown and gone and you’re ready to downsize or you’re ready to “level up” to a house big enough to fit your growing family, it’s time to part with your current property. Maybe you’ve even already found your next dream home. You quickly list your home for sale and wait for the offers to start pouring in. The only problem? They don’t.

What went wrong?

Any professional home stager will tell you it takes work to influence a prospective buyer. A home may attract potential buyers based on price and location, but when the home shopper can picture themselves and their family in the home? That’s when the conversion from buyer to bidder takes place.

The first step to expedite the home selling process is to schedule a home staging consultation, and here are three reasons to do so before you list the property for sale:

1. It Saves You Time & Money

Every month your house is on the market, you’re still paying the bills. No one wants to continue paying for something they’re trying to let go. The goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible and achieve a high return on investment, but every month your home sits, you’re paying thousands in carrying costs. It’s essential for homeowners to understand that home staging isn’t merely interior decorating; it’s a useful marketing technique. A home staging consultation pays for itself in the form of a speedier sale - time is money.

2. It Improves First Impressions

Try to view your home from a buyer’s perspective. For your home to make a good first impression, it needs to look “move-in ready.” It’s much harder to convince someone to buy your home if they’re mentally forming a to-do list during the open house.

A home staging consultation can give you tips on how to distract from a property’s less desirable characteristics while highlighting the attractive features. Before listing your home, a home staging professional can come in to analyze the entire property, making notes on what needs to be rearranged, added, removed, painted, repaired, and so on. Many sellers believe they need to clean house and toss all their old decor to achieve a beautiful home staging result, but home staging professionals can teach you how to work with what you have.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression, both online and in person. Thoughtful home staging helps make the first impression lasting and positive.

3. It Gives You Peace of Mind

Life doesn’t stop just because you need to sell your house. You still have to go to work, take care of your family and complete all of the other responsibilities of your daily life. It’s beneficial to have a home staging professional with demonstrated experience on your team. During a home staging consultation, we identify the list of necessary tasks, prioritize them accordingly and give you a detailed plan on how to implement our suggestions. Your stress levels go down and you no longer feel overwhelmed - you’re confident your home will look its best for its first showing or open house.

How We Help

Show-House Home Staging offers both owner-occupied and vacant staging services. We possess the knowledge and tools to drive up home value and expedite your sale. We also offer on-site consultations, delivering a detailed plan and hands-on instruction for home staging before you list. Call to schedule your consultation today!


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